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Attorney Thomas Shinton
Mr. Thomas Edwin Shinton
A T T O R N E Y   A T   L A W
E D U C A T I O N 
Thomas Shinton recently graduated from Loyola Law School in 2014, and was first in his class to graduate with his Juris Doctorate, beating his fellow law students by a half-year. Subsequently, Mr. Shinton passed the California bar exam on his first attempt during a period where the California State Bar Committee introduced a new Civil Procedure MBE section to the bar, and thus making February 2015 one of the lowest pass rates California law graduates has ever experienced, 39%. Yet, Mr. Shinton still succeeded and came out on top.

Having a strong passion for the law, Mr. Shinton has focused his efforts on criminal law. Starting out working for the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office as a Certified Law Clerk, Mr. Shinton brought new, innovative ideas to the S.B.D.A. Office that evolved into systematic features utilized and employed by many district attorneys and defense attorneys at the Rancho Cucamonga Division in San Bernardino County. For instance, Mr. Shinton developed a more efficient way through which both district attorneys and defense attorneys could exchange and copy discovery through an electronic medium. Additionally, Mr. Shinton developed educational aids for district attorneys when encountering new or complex issues involving the 2nd Amendment and gun rights. 

Other experience includes appearing at several arraignments on behalf of clients, conducting hundreds of 1538.5 hearings, performing preliminary hearings, and prosecuting a 1st degree murder trial. After gaining the necessary experience from the district attorney’s side during law school, Mr. Shinton has been using his talents and genius to help defend and receive better offers on behalf of our clients at the Law Office of Thomas Shinton & Associates. Thus far, Mr. Shinton has utilized his abilities by exposing flaws in the Riverside District Attorney’s cases against our clients and has provided clients with deals substantially better than what originally was offered. In particular, Mr. Shinton has been successful in having several DUI charges reduced to a Dry Reckless, which can have a substantial impact on one’s driving record, insurance, and criminal record.

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When you need the services of a local lawyer in Fontana, CA, and aren't sure where to turn, look to the Law Office Of Thomas Shinton for help. Our goal is to provide a high level of service by paying personal attention to each case we take. We'll use investigators, photography experts, and other specialists to help uncover facts about your case.

Whether you've been accused of a federal crime or a local one, we'll help you explore your options. Our law office is open Monday through Friday, and with our flexible appointment availability, we can also meet with clients on the weekends. You'll receive a free initial consultation to determine if we're a good fit for your needs.

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